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Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2009
Hello, Happy Earth Day!!  Being Garden Kitties, we love the earth and rely on humans to protect and nurture the earth.  A garden can provide habitat for many living things, not just plants.  We have a pond in our garden that tree frogs and dragon flies love.  Goldie loves to chase the dragon flies.  Yes, and flower is always looking for tree frogs to play with.  Humming birds are attracted to our morning glories, dwarf pomegranates, cana lilies and even the Banana plant blooms.  We have a Rose of Sharon – Hibiscus that butterflies like, and the birds love to sit on top of the arbors, fences, bird baths and other garden art.  Us Garden Kitties LOVE the birdies.  So, on this earth day add something nice to your garden habitat.  If you don’t have room to plant anything new and no money for garden art then just go out and enjoy the sites, sounds and scents of your garden.  Love your garden and it will be good to you and all living things.  If you don’t have a garden kittie you might want to stop by the SPCA and adopt one.  Happy Earth Day Everyone!!  Love, Goldie and Flower – The Garden Kitties





Revelations 7:3 -Photo © Karleen Gansberg

Revelations 7:3 -Photo © Karleen







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