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The Cat Bird – Goldie on the bird bath

April 16, 2009


Hello, this is Goldie, how are you doing today?  In case you haven’t read our book “The Garden Kitties” (by Karleen Gansberg), let me tell you a little bit about us.  My sister, Flower, is not as sociable as I am, but she is very loveable.  She is a much better hunter than I am.  She was out hunting for mice this morning in the field behind our garden.  Meantime, I was in the garden following Karleen everywhere she went.  I noticed she had the camera in hand so I made sure I gave her my best poses.  I climbed up on the bird bath – oh, did I mention that I love to climb up on everything?  For some reason I just kept walking around in circles on the edge of the bird bath.  Weeeeeee, I couldn’t stop myself, OMG that was fun!  Click, click, click went the camera.  



round and round I go

round and round I go © Karleen Gansberg

Tongue not in cheek

Tongue not in cheek © Karleen Gansberg

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